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The Unions want to buy a State Senate Seat

You need to know that the AFL-CIO and other MA unions are trying to buy this special election State Senate Seat. The union's have donated over $50,000 to Paul Feeney - the Democrat running in the Bristol and Norfolk seat. They will stop at nothing to make sure that...
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Three Special Elections

Three Special Elections The kids are back in school, the beach towels are packed away for another year, so you know what that means... We are gearing up for three key special elections happening over the next three months. In the seat left vacated by Sen. Timilty...
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Feeney is owned by the special interests

Jobs First analyzed Paul Feeney's OCPF profile and over half of Paul Feeney's $55,000 in campaign donations come from powerful unions and lobbyists looking out for their own interests rather than the taxpayer. This includes over $13,000 in donations this year alone...
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Toohey becomes the first Republican to run in 3rd Essex Special Election

The first Republican candidate has entered the House special election in the 3rd Essex district seat being vacated by liberal Rep. Brian Dempsey. A candidate for re-election for Haverhill's School Committee, Shaun Toohey has decided to run for the House seat instead....
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Massachusetts courts urge legislators in State House to craft a law prohibiting court officers from detaining illegal immigrants

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled on Wednesday 7/24 that law enforcement officials (including court officers) can no longer honor federal requests to hold people for immigration crimes for up to 48 hours. In the ruling, the court also urged our...
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